Hotels and Hospitality

Day in and day out, thousands of travellers, visitors, foodies, hotel and hospitality professionals are supported by Eleventure.


– Facility and Building Management Services for smooth operations

– Piped Gas System (LPG & PNG) installation and maintenance for safety and low cost

– Plumbing & Fire Fighting System installation and maintenance for Peace of Mind



We have strategic tie-ups with PNG and LPG supplier companies for end-to-end solutions and services for to meet the gaseous fuel needs of our customers. Having a track record of designing and help growing, reducing cost, maintaining and providing facilities management and services to a wide range of hotel, restaurant and hospitality industries.

At the centre of everything we do is a passion for the excellence and safety of our people, our customers’ business and the general public. Our expertise is in managing critical environments and assets and acute hotels and hospitals demand that we use all of our expertise all of the time.

As an employer we have the responsibility to make a positive contribution to the communities in which we work. We are proud of our market leading sustainability credentials and we believe it makes good business sense to enhance the employment prospects for the disadvantaged and hard to reach.

We manage costs through the application of both micro and macro management in each of our sites, addressing people management and implementing efficient technology enabled ways of working. We have tried and tested systems and process for managing both risk and cost. Managing risk and cost go hand-in-hand – we take responsibility for both.